A “me” story

I volunteer at a cat shelter- I started going there very recently but I’m already in love. 

I have two cats of my own and all but I was in a point in my life where I just needed the love of a kitten. And suddenly it hit me: “there is actually a place where I can help by cuddling with kittens!!!” And so I searched for the nearest shelter and asked if they needed me- which thankfully they did. 

Now the past fridays of my life has gone a little something like: “I don’t want to go out- I don’t want to ride a bus for half an hour, what’s even the point” and then when I get there it’s like “I don’t even know a time where I’ve been this peacefully happy!” 

My favorite pair so faris a male and a female cat in the “quiet section”. Milano and Ravenna. Milano is blind and practically deaf and calls out in a very sad kitten like-voice, as if he’s missing something/someone. Ravenna then calmly walks over to him, buffs him with her head and sits close to him. Every time I go in to their room they’re sitting close to each other in the window. They’re very friendly even if Milano is a little confused soemtimes but, it’s so cute. Though they are human friendly and kind they prefer to cuddle with each other rather than with us and it’s something so lovely about that. Also, Ravenna is totally protective over Milano, when you come into their room she  checks where he is and then keeps track of you when you pet him. She purrs but it’s almost as if it’s more to trick me that she’s kind, rather than her actually enjoying you petting her. She’s kind of shady but very soft and kind, in a secretive way. 

I love them 

(I can’t draw cats so… ) 

Also this Sunday I sat with a red haired gentlemen so that he would eat- at least that was the purpose. I ended up with him quietly in my lap and I almost fell asleep in the most uncomfortable position yet trying not to have him leave- but still, I almost fell asleep he was so quiet. I’m used to a very active kind of cuddling but he just… settled. It was wonderful! 


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