Troublesome relationships and road trips:3


11tThere is a boy standing outside the convenience store close by the main road leading down to the dock. Or, well… he is almost twenty four, he’s not exactly a boy but no man either.  He’s wearing a blue jacket with flower patterns all over his back, like a tattoo. He’s the kind of boy people know about. The type of boy some would avoid and some would seek.

His name is Saul.

He is short, shorter than most men/boys his age. That day he had lemon green hair and he was smoking a cigarette. The hair was new, the cigarette was not. When he had finished his cigarette he dropped it, killed its last flames with the sole of his shoe and prepared to light another one. In that moment the doors to the convenience store opened and a boy walked out.


This was a boy, he was barely sixteen. But he on the contrary, looked like a man. Everything about him was big. He was tall, very tall and he had big brown eyes and thick eyebrows and a mouth that was constructed for laughter. The sort of laugh that makes you throw your head back and open your mouth up wide to let all of the ins and outs of air get all of the space they needed. He had big hands too and big feet. When Saul noticed him he hurried to put away the unlit-new/old- cigarette. He pushed off the candy machine he had been leaning on and threw a hand over at the tall boy’s direction.

“You got what you needed?” He asked. The tall boy smiled, a big smile, and nodded.

“Sure, and the money was just enough for a couple of extras” he exclaimed. Saul moved back and caught the bag the tall boy had suddenly thrown at him. He looked down at it. Behind milk carts and flower and a six-pack of beers he spotted a handful of colorful lollipops. He scoffed. The tall boy smiled even bigger.

“I know it’s the ones you like, and you promised me…”

Saul cut him off.

“Yeah yeah, I got it. Thanks” he waved him off and turned around to walk down to the main road.

“Are you not coming back?” The tall boy asked. Saul rolled his eyes. The tall boy didn’t see it. Saul realized this, so he turned around with a grand spin and rolled his eyes again, this time fully viewable to the boy.

“You know I will, besides, you gave me the bag” Saul said with a mocking laugh. The tall boy didn’t flinch. His smile only grew wider. Threatened to tear his face apart.

“I’ll tell grandma you’ll be late with the flower, she’ll be fine” he said.

“You do that Jasper, you do that” Saul said like he had petted the boy´s head whilst doing so.

“I’ll make sure to finish this quickly”

Saul kept walking down the street. Jasper stood silently and watched him till he disappeared into the light grey evening shadows. Jasper felt a sting of something in his chest and he wanted to call after his older brother. But he settled for a slack of the jaw and a scrunch of the nose before he turned to walk his own way. The sun was falling. Saul passed the downturn to the docks. Hills and rocks and water to his left and tall dark buildings without windows to his right. As he walked, trees started to infiltrate the roadside on both his right and left side. The hill grew into flat grass covered ground and into dark green woods. The buildings formed hills and the start of mountains. Covered by green, green trees and held down by the grey sky slowly turning into black and deep blue above it all. Saul walked with the plastic bag lazily hitting the side of his leg. He lights another cigarette, it’s his last one. The flame from his zipper lights up his face momentarily. Smoke disappears in the thin rays of the fading sun. He walks until he sees the fluorescent lights of the gas station’s neon sign telling him that they are open. He throws his last cigarette away behind one of the gas machines before he pulls open the door to the store.


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