I need you- what I can give 

They stopped at a burger house by the side of the road. Saul and Senai split the tab of seven meals and then they all sat down at a table by the window. There were only three other parties in the restaurant and they all turned at least twice to look disliking at the boys. They were all flinging their arms everywhere and making loud jokes. Taylor only half listened but he was right there with them, laughing and being loud. As he found it, nothing they said was important to anyone else but them. It was about everything and nothing and one sentence phased into another and they all just spoke at the same time. He looked calmly at the lively faces of his friends, listening to their voices distinguish themselves through the overall sound. He looked up at Jasper getting up on the table and shoving Saul´s and Senai´s half-finished meals of the table. The other shouted with laughter as they tried to push him of the table. 

Taylor saw Nicholas’s hand on Senai’s  knee and a quick look of concern before he let go and reached out to grab Jasper’s leg. He roughly flipped him over on Sam and Saul. Taylor stood up and hurried to join as the two with Jasper in their laps started pulling of his jacket and attacking him with ketchup dipped fries. Jasper shrieked as Saul pinpointed a fry right in his ear and Sam held his hands back as Taylor painted his face with ketchup. Amen came back from the bathroom and stared in shock at the scene he was met with before joining in. 


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