I need you- together

Darkness fell, stars lit and Senai drove in circles around the dock. Sam leaned out the window and screamed joyously as the wind blew his hair slick back and made his eyes teary. Amen was heard too- his screams borderline panic and as Senai drove past them they saw him in the backseat, holding on to Sam´s chair for his dear life. Saul and Jasper stood in the very back out on the loading platform. 

Saul´s hair was lit pink, swirling around his ears and Jasper´s eyes sparkled in the evening darkness. He opened his mouth in a silent exited scream and as he let go of the car´s roof to spread his arms to feel the speed of the car and the wind underneath them, almost as if he was preparing to fly. Saul stopped smiling for a brief second as he grabbed Jaspers back to push him back and force him to hold on to the roof again. The car made another turn and they shifted, Jasper leaned with a happy smile plastered on his face on Saul and wrapped his arms around him instead of holding on to the car. Saul couldn’t hold back his smile and he supported Jasper and they yelled in unison. 

Nicola’s eyes followed Senai in the driver’s seat. He was smiling at the other’s commotion. Taylor ran weakly after the car as it drove away and when it turned around to come back he matched Sam’s exhortations and yelled back at him as the car chased him back to Nicholas. They all laughed. Then Senai turned the car one last time and parked decimeters from Nicholas. Sam reached out the window and grabbed Nicholas’s hand. Senai rolled down the window and told him, and Taylor catching up to them, to get in. He opened the door and Nicholas and Sam switched. Saul jumped down from the loading station and went to sit in the back with Amen. Sam and Taylor jumped up with Jasper and they yelled at Senai to” Start driving!!!”

Sam wrapped his arm around Taylor as the car drove from the dock and up on the main road. It was pulling towards late hours and when Taylor leaned back into Sam’s arm he could look up at the stars passing by over them. Jasper pointed at something and him and Sam talked loudly about it. Taylor looked at them and then joined in as they seemed to be done already. They explained and a knock on the back window made them look around. Saul waved from inside, he was not wearing a seatbelt and Amen grabbed his arm and it looked like he told him to put it on. Saul laughed and waved it off. Jasper sighed and rolled his eyes. Sam pushed him lightly and pulled Taylor closer. 

They were still laughing. 


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