I need you- I just know

It was natural for Taylor, obvious that it would be them. The second Sam walked into their classroom, the minute it took him to walk through the room over to his seat. Two seats away from Taylor’s. Taylor just followed him with his gaze, a small chubby boy with smiling eyes and small hands and he knew: they would become the best of friends. He smiled when their eyes meet, Sam’s dark and his light brown and he stood up to introduce himself. 

Sam wasn’t as sure as Taylor, he never was with anything. He didn’t believe anything could be that easy that he could call it fate. Taylor was the talkative, brave bright and straight forward type. His smile invited and his eyes spoke a language everyone understood. Sam always felt misunderstood. He was shy and he wasn’t very good with words. It was true Sam wasn’t as sure, but Taylor made him feel secure and gave him a reason to laugh. It wasn’t obvious for Sam but he couldn’t lie:

 Taylor was the person he loved the most.


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