The I need you- to take me away from here 

Taylor leaned towards the wall and closed his eyes. His father’s voice could still be heard through the thin barrier of their apartment door- loud and harsh but still no response from his mother. His head hurt and he felt chills travel along his lower back. He walked along the aisle of doors and towards the staircase. The sky was grey and it had been raining the night before. When he walked out on the street behind his building he stepped in a puddle and the water splashed up a few decimeters on his leg. He brushed it off, barely noticed it and walked quickly down the street. 

They had thrown him out as soon as he came home. His father’s deep voice met him as he stepped through the door and just as he was about to take off his shoes his mother came running towards him from the kitchen. She wrapped her fingers around his arm and guided him back, hindered him from stepping inside. Her eyes were red and she didn’t say anything, just silently pushed him back outside. He raised his hands and opened his mouth to ask her what was going on when she forcefully held him on an arm’s length from the door.

“I’m sorry Taylor” she whispered with a hoarse voice.

“I’m sorry, go!” and before he could spot his father emerge from the kitchen, she shut the door. 

He had left his bag in the hallway. His wallet and books and charger were in there. School was closed for students by this time and he couldn’t go anywhere. While uncomfortably strolling along his neighborhood block he thought about calling someone. He spotted a bus stop and stepped under it’s roof. He pulled out his phone and opened up his contact list. Scrolling through names he stopped a few seconds on a certain Senai Court. He considered calling but then again, he still found it hard to talk to him since last time. They had been caught in an awkward situation as they somehow started talking about him and Nicholas’srelationship and Taylor just felt bad remembering what had been said. He remembered not being too nice to his senior and this still made him feel uneasy. With that conversation in mind he continued down to N for Nicholas and dialed. He picked up on the second signal.

“Ty” he stated shortly and Taylor heard a car drive by.

“Are you still at work?” he asked. He lowered his voice unconsciously like he didn’t want to disturb the other.

“No, on my way home right now, what is it?” Nicholas answered calmly. Taylor bit his lip and held his breath. He really didn’t know what to say, or how to say it. He tried to focus on raising as little suspicion from the older one as possible. Speaking in a normal voice, saying normal things. Thinking it over again, he didn’t know what was normal and what wasn’t.

“I just…” he began “wanted to see if we could… maybe, meet up?”

A bus stopped by Taylor´s bus stop and an old woman and two elementary school students stepped off.

“They kind of… threw me out” Taylor said with a short laugh. He tried not to make it obvious what really had happened but he was sure Nicholas already knew.

“Of course!” he answered.

“should I… call the others?” he then asked. 

Taylor didn’t know, he didn’t know what he wanted Nicholas to do. He just stood there with the phone pressed to his ear, trying to figure out what would be the best thing to answer. The most normal thing to answer.

“I´ll call them” Nicholas said before Taylor could come up with a good answer.

“What do you say we meet at the dock like last time, you know the place?” Taylor knew the place.

“I´ll tell the others to get there too. We can do something, hang out, all of us… together?”

Taylor nodded. 

“Okay?” Nicholas asked. 

“Yes” Taylor answered. Somewhere the clouds broke and a bright gray sun shone onto the streets of their town. 



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