The end? 

None of them were actually right. They didn’t know the truth as they said they did. The world is not divided between good and evil- there is no such thing as black and white. 
There are shades of grey. Grayish white and deeper versions of dark. 
There are colors. 

There are people with stories, reasons, clothes that was once clean but they used them so often they were dirtied. 

There is no such thing as pure white. 
There is red. 

There is the need and the strength to do good. 
There is a ton of various greens. 

There are people who fight for a cause- people who believe strongly that what they are doing is right. 
There is yellow and blue. 

There are people who commit to a cause and people who don’t care. 
There are situations you can’t avoid and things you need to do but want to run away from. 
There is pain and pleasure and agony and hate. 

There are things… there are sunny spots in darkgreen woods- sun shining through heavy leafs that’ll fall quietly down into the mossy ground. 
There is darkness- deep blue and purplish. 
There is light- orange with a mild shade of pink. 
There is peace- a clean green, shaded with light. 


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