I need you-Now more than ever

“Everyone says it’s over, but I can’t stop. Is this sweat or tears, I can’t really tell”


Senai is the first to jump in the water. He throws his camera aside seconds before Taylor hits the water. He jumps in without hesitation. He sees his friend tumble underwater, clothes spinning round his body like living organisms, pushing him down. He swims closer but is too far away. He needs to breathe. As he comes up for air Sam jumps in the water and Nicholas follows close after. They both break the surface at the same time when they come up again. Sam roars, eyes blurry and dives under again. Nicholas throws his shoes up on the dock and starts swimming closer to where Taylor went under. Senai is frozen in the cold water for a second before a loud splash and someone screaming his name wakes him up. Jasper swims past him, after Nicholas. Senai takes a deep breath and dives. He sees a dark blur of body through the grayish green. He sees Sam floating up and his legs kicking in despair as he breathes on the surface. Senai sees Taylor, as shadow moving further away in the water, almost invisible. He sees Jasper diving closer than any of the three. He reaches out but fails to grab Taylor´s sleeve- the only thing in his reach. They both swim up for air. Amen is screaming from behind them, he´s standing on the dock, Saul is holding him back from jumping in too, all he can do is scream. Senai cough and choke on seawater. Nicholas comes up a few meters to his left. They look at each other for seconds before he dives again. Senai feels time running out. He breathes in through clogged pipes and dive. He pushes down, makes himself heavy. He can see the silhouette of his friends around him in the water. They all kind of fall back as he descends deeper. He can see Taylor once more. He can see how his open eyes meet his. He looks back at him. His arms are stretched out towards him. Senai opens his mouth and pleads wordlessly for him to hurry closer. It feels like his chest is about to explode but he holds back and kicks until his body threatens to fall apart. He reaches out towards Taylor´s whitened fingers. He inches closer and Taylor closes his eyes and seems to let go. The older grasps his hand, tightly and pulls him closer. He can’t see anything. It´s dark in every direction he looks and his eyes are starting to close themselves. His head hurts. He don’t know what to do. He clutches Taylor´s seemingly lifeless body close to his. He feels a cold numbness spread through his body- it doesn’t hurt as bad as it did before. He closes his eyes.


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