Lonely wind

lonely wind in the desert


Tal was a lot easier to deal with, he believed the second I showed up and he greeted me with a smile every time I came to visit. He was a fast learner and after only three visits he had mastered his powers to the point that we considered moving him back into the city. I said I would help in the ways I could, even if they weren’t many, but he told me I had helped just by getting him this far.

“After a month in the desert a little company is all you need to feel grateful” he said jokingly but I saw he actually meant it and that it hurt talking about it. He hadn’t met his family or friends since the accident, not even a call, and he was indeed lonely. Forty miles from the city´s border. He told me, still with a voice that indicated that he was joking, that he had matured during the last month, that “solitude teaches man a lot” I smiled and nodded. Talking with Tal was like breathing and never did we not know what to say. When I came home from visits with him I always felt at ease and I could go for weeks without thinking about neither Chaymi nor Erian.

The fourth time was the last unconscious visit to Tal. He stood on his bike, driving down to his parent´s house and almost hit me, who appeared on the street in front of him. He laughed in shock and said he was happy to meet again. We walked and I asked about the bike and the place in question. He said he had decided he was in such control of his powers that he could come back home. He had been home for two days and he said his parents were happy to see him. I knew he had been worried that they would blame him for what happened, but it seemed a month was enough to turn their hurt to guilt and longing for their only son. I was happy to hear about it all working out for him.


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