Strength of the Body

strength of the body

Urh… I can´t make this one work as it should…



He breaks the glass and shards fly all over the kitchen. He sighs and leans down to start cleaning it up. Lucky it was empty, he thinks and cuts himself on a glass shard without noticing it. Then suddenly Kelcey is standing in the living room, facing away. He stands up and throw the shards in the sink before drying his hands on his apron to walk out to Kelcey looking through his bookshelf.

“You said you like the dark kinds of stories” he says without looking at him “those were people die and you are forced to think while reading, not only receive…” He pulls out a book from the shelf and turns it to read the back. Erian cross his arms over his chest and feel the almost familiar sting in his nape as he look at Kelcey´s eyes running down the book´s side.

“I never told you that” he says and it made Kelcey turn to finally look at him. He smile. “Right” he says and put the book back in it´s place. He looked mellow but better than before; his eyes weren’t as dark and he was standing straighter.

“I have missed you” he says. Erian didn’t feel the same and so he turned to walk back out into the kitchen. He picks up the last few glass shards and turns around to ask Kelcey if he was going to sit down. The apartment is empty and he is alone. He sighs and continue washing the dishes.

He remember, the first time he meet Kelcey he had appeared with a smile on his face but tears in his eyes and he looked tired. He slumped down by his side. Erian moved away and looked at Kelcey with wide eyes and hands clenched to fists. Kelcey had asked with a weak voice “Just one last time” and he forced Erian´s hands into his and he held them uncomfortably tight as he looked down on the ground when he talked. “Twelve” he said “That means this is the last time” he sighed deeply and it was as if he sunk into himself when he did. “I won´t lie, I did get attached, even though you told me not to” Erian pulled lightly to get his hands back but Kelcey held them still. He looked down at him. Erian looked up to meet his eyes filled to the brim with tears that refused to fall. He was confused. Kelcey told him many things during a very short period of time and so he wasn’t sure he had understood all of them. About his , Kelcey´s, powers somehow also effecting time and that he wished it could have been normal with him as it had been with the others. About what person Erian would be and that he, even if he was a year younger, was proud to see how he had matured during such a short span of time. Erian back then barely listened and when Kelcey disappeared in a puff of light and smoke he did his best not to remember. But he was reminded; Kelcey came back. He always came back…

The fourth time they spent almost two hours just sitting quietly. And now, he visited for barely two minutes and he only came to say he missed him. Erian did not understand what was going on and he didn’t like not understanding. He placed a plate strongly on it´s shelf and he heard it crack. He cursed loudly and brought it back down to throw it away.


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