Time and space 




I’ve been watching the clock since midnight. It has gone almost three hours since I sat down, holding my charged phone in a tight grip but eyes fixated on the clock hanging on the living room-wall. Three hours has gone by, but the clock on the wall is still showing two minutes past twelve. I bite my lip and blink. With a sharp sound the clock starts working, slowly at first, as if it has forgotten how to do it properly. But soon it is ticking on as ever. I breath through my nose and feel sweat dripping down my face as I look down on my phone. Three hours and fifteen minutes. I turn off the timer and throw the phone over my head to hear it land on my bed. I lean my head back and close my eyes. It burns behind my eyelids and I feel like crying. I recall Erian´s eyes watching me as I jump from the car´s roof to the ground right before him. He looks doubtful, that means he hasn’t discovered his powers yet; if it was that hard to believe it even after seeing it for himself.

When I called him out for the first time he looked sad and told me that he would miss me, as if we had already met. He said that it would be easier if I don’t get attached, when I asked him “to what?” he smiled without happiness and told me it was time for me to leave. The second time he explained.

“I have already met you on eleven occasions, that means that next time will be the last for me…” he touched my chest lightly and looked sad “And the first time for you”

The third time he told me that he had discovered his powers, even though he had already showed them to me the last time we met. I followed him out on the field behind his house and he showed me again. For him it was the first time and he looked proud, smiling at me, not a single trace of the gloominess he had shown the first two times. The ground shook as he broke it apart and cracks appeared in the grass. I looked with wide eyes and a smile matching his. I didn’t really understand yet and so I didn’t know why I should be sad.

The fourth time was the longest one, two hours by his car, in the cold, just talking. I told him about how I discovered my powers and how I got in contact with Yoni who helped me control them. I told him about Adi, the one that Yoni had guessed was Erian´s partner, the one who was equal to him in the other dimension. When Erian heard about Adi he frowned and shook his head. “Impossible” he said “I don’t have those kinds of powers” he said and glanced at me “Like you”.

The fifth time got me thinking, about the first and second time and the sad expression on Erian´s face. Twelve times, I though, and felt woodened floor underneath my bare feet. I looked up and there was Erian by his kitchen table, wearing pajamas and reading a book. He looked shocked at first but then he smiled. He asked if I had eaten breakfast. I said no and he brought out bread and jam and asked if I wanted coffee.

The sixth time came and he acted guarded when I came onto him. He sat on the other side of the table and looked at me while I talked. By the time I had to leave he smiled and touched my sleeve to tell me goodbye.

I’m still waiting for the seventh time, waiting for the buzzing feeling in my fingers and the pull in my chest telling me to go. I stand up to take down the clock from the wall and adjust it to actual time. I feel faint when I sit back down and I lay down with tired eyes still on the clock. I hear my phone buzz and I close my eyes.


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