Introduction to Distorted Story 

It’s year 2xxx in a world not very different from ours.

Our story follows a martyr. The one who died in flames. An unwilling savior. And what she did to save the already doomed.
The antagonist. Climbing towards an impossible goal and wrecking everything in his way. The force working against the antagonist. A man who rose so high only to fall- smash his head into the concrete and die. The two lovers story is decorated with blood and tears of joy but also times of absolute quiet.

The protagonist is a little girl but her story is told through others.

It’s a distorted story about love and hate and a need to live but living with the knowledge that you have to die. chiyuuu sketch

We play with our fates and wish for the best as we stumble deeper and deeper into thick white fog of oblivion.


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