Friends like in the movies [why am i the only one who’s not real] 

I want to befriend people with a will to live. I am tired of being sad and down all the time.
I need friends who call you up early on a Saturday morning, standing outside your house and talking about road trips. I need friends who are ready to cry when the it’s a sunny day just because good weather gives a good opportunity to go out and do silly things while the sun is still shining. I need to be with people who can make it through a sleepover/ five hour long movie marathon without talking about how horrible and painful their life’s are. I need friends who shares headphones and listens to sad music while laughing because, being happy is way better than being sad. I need to get to know people who feel comfortable to a certain degree to be talking about their feelings with each other, people who are strong enough to ask for help when help is needed. I want to be with people who are ready to offer a hug and a smile when someone is sad. I want to be with people who smile back and somewhat feel better because, they know, that we care. I want to turn eighteen, borrow a car and drive to the sea just to sit on the hood of the car and watch the sun rise from the water. I need to be friends with people who would sit beside me and find it as beautiful and amazing as I do. I need to meet people who enjoy living. I need to be with people who wants the most out of life.

I need a break. Time to breath.

I need to sleep.

I want ice cream.
I need to realize that winter is here and I should stop using my spring jacket: leather doesn’t keep out the cold too good.

autumn sun

Well, it´s not winter anymore. But wearing my spring jacket all winter has defeated it´s purpose and now I´ll have to buy a new one…


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