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In a society where every young person is allowed and given the possibility to equal education. Where a working adult is not a rare being but where everyone is given that chance. Imagine first a society where everyone can go to school.

Students nowadays are ether trapped between responsibilities and needs, or work and recreation time which are basically the same thing. What you ow others, what responsibilities to school and work you have is often balanced with what you need to do in order to actually execute those things.

We have built a world where recreational time is just as important as the work itself and our society has reached a point where it circulates around creating time for recreation between works. Our reasons are right- you can’t perform without the necessary energy and tools. The problem is that recreation has become a forced medicine instead of actually being a free choice and a helping hand, pulling towards newer levels. Stress surrounding healing results only in fresh wounds and tired youngsters.

What they need is not force but options. To make it easier and less stressful to get that extra time with yourself and the option to do something recreational.

My suggestion, my idea of an ideal society where we all have enough energy to do what is important to us and others, is to make time that is already required and compulsory extend over both work and recreation. For example- school as it could be is available for everyone and for kids over the age of ten, it’s necessary. If we could create time for students to do extracurricular activities within school time, then maybe free time could be freer. An idea is to create open hours after school time, maybe give students a possibility to create a club of some sort. Gather a few people who likes to do the same thing and then school can give them time, space and support to do that activity.

As an example there are three students who likes to play chess. These three students goes to a teacher or puts out a request to start a chess club so they can play chess at after hours. The school puts this out as a notion and everyone that wants to play chess can join. These people are given a room to play chess in and a time, maybe Tuesdays and Fridays in the math classroom. Maybe someone wants to play chess but doesn’t k no how to, then maybe a teacher has time to come by on Fridays and teach them or another student finds it fun to teach the others.

This way you do something fun within a certain amount of time and hopefully you so something that work positively for you. Same with adults and their work, if we arrange that work is only six hours a day then we could give away two hours that is recreation time. Within these two hours working adults can chose an activity of any sort to do as recreational activity, if its swimming or watching movies their workplace would be able to provide money and time for them to do that activity. It would also be optional, if ones recreational activity is for example taking their time making dinner or cleaning the bathtub at home, then they could go home and do that. There are already some jobs and some schools that do this, use this kind of method or similar ones, but I want this to be able to ad to every country- every school and workplace.

Once again: my suggestion is to fill already required time “forced time ”with both work and recreation, so that when you have free time it should be time where you freely can chose to do whatever you want. Maybe you want to do more recreation, or homework or your own work. it should not be to choose between work or recreation on you free time- as student, when you get home you’d rather just crash in front of the tv or draw or read but then you also have homework. Some also have extracurricular activities that suddenly becomes stressful because you have to balance it with that homework I was talking about, and suddenly its half past one and no recreation has been done. Then sleeping is the only recreational time you get and that is not enough. So don’t let recreation be a choice but an option always open, we shouldn’t have to choose between work and recreation.

What is recreation? Recreation is everything that is not work, everything that is not for anyone else sake but for you alone. An activity, a hobby that only you gain energy and enjoyment from. Reading a book because you want to read a book is recreational- it’s something you’re doing for your sake and not for anyone else’s or to get appreciation from others. Working for a salary is work, you do something so that someone else can put a number on you, tell you how much your work is worth. Social media is not recreation, it’s not a self-rewarding activity; nor is it work, but what you do is similar to putting a price on someone. You put a picture or a statement out there for others to grade. The likes you get, the number they create is similar to a reward for your self-steam – it’s something you have to achieve. Thus it creates stress. Drawing for others to see is work if this also includes you not being able to relax and only thinking about what others would think about it. Drawing in a book that no one sees or a book you don’t think anyone will see, drawing for your own sake because this is what you like- that’s recreational.

Why recreation? From the society’s view we need people who work and create so that the country becomes productive country, so that it´s citizens get food and other resources and later… way to get recreational time. We also need students that goes to school and learn to later become a working adult.

It doesn’t matter what you’re working with, if it’s on a cereal factory or an essay in school about Swedish kings- you won’t make it without energy and different points of views. If we didn’t have recreation then we would do one thing- concentrate on one thing without resting our minds or doing other things to gather new mileage- then it would quickly stop. Everything would stop working, as your energy drains suddenly you won’t be able to come up with new ideas and the same boring routine day after day would empty you on everything you need to work and create. If we then instead of continuing working, we take a break, we read a book or go outside and we gather new images -gain new views and recharge on lost energy to then- return to working and creating. Without recreation, everything would be stuck in a boring loop and then, sooner or later, it would all stop.

As I’ve said, nowadays things as extracurricular activities is a lot more working than recreation, and the time that we call free time and has reserved for recreation has become a ping pong game between responsibilities and needs which both is very important. The problem is as always, when you chose one thing the other is lost. We create stress around something that should be resting and energy recharging. We haven’t made it easy for ether students or working adults to get what they need and still do what they have to do. If we could get those who’s in charge of money and our economical position to give schools and work places money to provide extra time and space inside school and work hours for recreational time, it would ease the stress and make recreation and work a lot easier going.

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