I thought it would work…

But it obviously didn’t. Well I guess it’s my own fault for even thinking that for once, maybe it all would just go on smoothly without any changes or complications. That what I had planned would work and that by doing so, would leave me unworried and relaxed. Assured that it would all work out, I if course (As always) was not prepared for the many obstacles ahead and I fell and stumbled without a clue how to get back up again. I’m standing up now, but on weary feet and with my hands tightly pressed to my sides as if to be prepared for anything. There’s a tingling sensation in my spine that makes me wonder if I have forgotten something, but I still can’t remember what.

Instead of sitting down and calmly going through what I might have forgotten or what I have to do to remember it again, I focus on less important things to keep my mind of what I don’t want to think about or know about.


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