Friday calm

when you realize that it’s not about being good at, or even “liking” or “loving” to draw: it’s that you need it.

Yesterday was hard nothing came out as it should and I was generally sad about most things. I also did the mistake of looking back at old drawings from not too long ago and realizing that they weren’t actually that good. I wanted to do something creative but it just ended up garbage.

Then today.

One drawing and I know I’m back on track. It’s not that it’s suddenly really good or well done it’s just, what I had in my head and what I managed to get out on the paper matches and I can finally feel calm in the fact that I’m back. And that I’ve silenced a hunger, a desperate need to create something even if it’s just a tiny dot In space. It’s something I did and that I’m even remotely satisfied with. It makes it easier to live with oneself, just for today.

(The awesome sketch that saved my life)

And thanks. I just needed to get this out of my system. By the way cat:

 keeping me company.


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