A day in the park

Martin – pigeon

Denise- pigeon

Daniel – pigeon

Hannah – pigeon

Tim – everybody else (pigeons)
Jeremy – small bird

Simon – small bird

Puss – small bird
Sebastian – SEAGUL

Murdock – SEAGUL
The story about a bunch of birds and a lucky day in the park.

Two girls spent their one hour school break buying sweet buns and walking to the park nearby. They quickly sighted a nice bench at the side of the area, shaded from the hot late-spring sun. They sat down and picked up their goods to eat. A pigeon approached. Nothing special, not for ether of the two parties, a bird begging for a scrap of food, putting his head on the side and letting out a low ringing sound from his throat. The two girls threw him a tiny piece of bun. The pigeon gladly attacked the piece and swallowed it whole. Delighted by the midday show the girls continued throwing teny-tiny pieces to the pigeon that was soon followed by two smaller birds, flicking their heads back and forth and Chirping rapidly. The girls laughed and decided to give each on the birds a name so they could call for them(as if it would matter). The pigeon was quickly named Martin and the two smaller birds: Jeremy and Puss- the one who didn’t dare to fetch his own food and just moved slowly in the outline of the bushes behind them. Another smaller bird, a female, joined them and hurried into the fight for the tastiest crumbs. Suddenly Martin spread his wings and absconded with in swift motion over the park. The girls mourned his disappearance for a few seconds before the saw him returning with five or four other pigeons in a flock. All the birds, big or small, gathered around the girls as they gave out breadcrumbs like they were pieces of the everlasting air around them that they gladly gave up for the amusement of watching the birds plead and fight for them. A seagull joined. One of the girls shrieked and stood up quickly to scare it of and caused the hoop of birds to ascend into the air and then quickly land in the same spot again. The seagull retreated to a lonely corner of the park but would soon come back, with new plans of crashing the party. This went on until the girls made the pigeons eat from their hands. The grey birds with their heads towards the human’s hands snipped quick pieces of the bred the girls heals onto. One of the birds got tired of having to reach for the bread, and so it flew up and sat on one of the girls arms to eat directly from her palm. They shrieked silently from sheer excitement. And so the afternoon went on until lunch was about to begin. The girls left and the birds were full. The sun shone and the next day it would rain.

The end.


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