Musical epedemi 

What happens when you sing a song for a while, in your room with your door half closed, thinking that no one can hear you. Then suddenly…        Your brother starts singing the same song, on the other side of the apartment, while playing firstperson shooter games with his friends. It literally goes from aggressive cursing to: “Toooniiight~ weee~ are yoooouunng~”

“So let’s set this world on fire!” *blows up a barrel*

I silently laughed while turning on my own computer, enjoying the few moments I’m not completely annoyed with him.

Me and my brother if we were cats, and I do believe that in equal amounts we’d switch between them both. Sometimes I’m the black one, starring out in the distance, believing he/ she is an owl, not giving a single fuck. And sometimes the annoying/ annoyed Norwegian-forest cat squinting at whatever the other is looking at.


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