If someone’s going to miss me…

I’m going to New York…
Yeah, for a month, tomorrow I’ll be gone.
And I won’t be doing ANYTHING, because there is barely any internet where I’ll live.
Oh but I’m super exited! It’s a… language trip? I don’t know but directly translated from Swedish that’s what I’m going to do…
I’m planing to… maybe start doing some sketches of my comic over there, cuz I’ve got new sketchbooks and I’m supah happy cuz these books are my everything and I’ll always buy them as long as I need them- which means forever!
It’s my brother’s birthday today so I’ll spend the rest of my day meeting with parents and family and… drawing; I need to make him the awesomest present ever! I’m planing in doing something like: a collage of him as different awesome oc’s and some cool text thingy! I just have to get dressed first, and push the cat of the table because I told him! He is not allowed there!




Party-cat. So fabulous! \(^o^)/


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