Info changes

Hello… is someone out there?

Ehm… I´ve decided that I will be putting out some of my Swedish stuff here too. Up till now I have only been English here… and because this is a place where I just dump all of my finished and unfinished stuff and links to all what I am and… weird English…  (Ghhu?)


I´m not the best at writing in English and I want to show by best side to you (I mean, if you even care to look at me I´ll get really happy and do anything to keep you…)

This is just a warning: There will be Swedish stuff here from now on!

For example I´m going to publish  In -progress -work  and a Swedish short story that I made for my “short story assignment” in school… asignment… asaghnment…?!

And also! If you have time and interest and if you read anything of what I write (I´m not expecting that you are I just thought if…) I would be soooo(!) happy if you took your precious time to give me some constructive critique. I would be really happy if you had some thoughts on my work, if so, please tell me! Good or bad, is it something I´m doing wrong, is it something I can do better? Tell me!

Here?: or just leave a comment on the post where you have your thoughts on…

That´s all. I´m sorry this is my first time doing this and I´m nervous even though I got nothing to lose… and thank you!


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