Status update

Somewhere where I don’t know if the sun shines

*The radio makes a rustling sound and a male voice is heard through it’s stereo*
“There was an attack against the main house, more than fifty people- mostly youngsters died. More than fifty people went lost.
There were only ruins and fire left. All of those young talents training to serve their country- now there is only memories left”
*A voice in the background cuts the man of and he excuses himself*
“There will all for today. I’m sorry for all your losses and I pray for the families of those brave youngsters. Thank you and good night”
*the woman turn of the radio and cover her face with her hands. She is crying. Her husband is holding her shoulders; trying to comfort her, but she barely notice him*
“… She’s gone… I’m sorry…”
*says the tall, black dressed man who stands in the doorway. The woman throws herself at him and start hitting
him over his chest as she cries out even harder. The man only looks down at her with dark eyes*
“There is nothing we can do about the terrorist attacks at this point. You should accept the fact that…”
*the woman screams and hit him over his face. She calls him cruel and heartless. He just nods at the husband and turn around to leave*
“I’m so sorry for your loss”
*is his last words*



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